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DISCO aims at fast-tracking up-scaling to a new generation data-driven of urban logistics and smart planning through a Physical Internet led approach. With 48 partners from across Europe, the project is working with 8 Living Labs to demonstrate innovations pertaining to five domains - curb side management (DISCOCURB), proximity based last mile solutions (DISCOPROXI), optimised use of underutilised buildings for last mile logistics operations (DISCOPROXI), shifting to sustainable transport modes (DISCOBAY), and advanced data collection methods (DISCOLLECTION).


Project details

Duration 05/2023 - 10/2026

Coordinator FIT Consulting SRL

Project goal

DISCO intends to interconnect logistics networks by asking operators to adhere to interconnection standards, and implement physical-equivalent of digital Internet. This goal will be achieved through 4 game changers:

 1. Empowering end-to-end visibility across the supply chain driven by new technologies. This will be done by deploying an online PI-led Meta Model Suite with its five “DISCO-X” innovations. 

2. Co-creating an innovative enabling city “cloud” ecosystem for trust and data protection to ensure interoperability and common protocols through a digital Data Space. 

3. Driving cities in effectively delivering new urban logistics sustainable planning: Poly-parametric city typology as Functional Urban Areas (FUAs) will be adopted to link city centers and peripheries with mixed and optimal space distribution.

4. Fast-tracking adoption and replication of innovative business models, and the results will be demonstrated through a 3-Steps implementation process, involving 4 Starring Living Labs and 4 Twinning Living Labs. 


The results of DISCO will contribute to the acceleration of digital transition of urban logistics and planning to a new generation of SULPs in the short, medium, and long-term, on ten strategic sector areas:

1. Support the DISCO cities and regions partners in achieving local policy objectives and reach 20% reduction in CO2 emissions, by developing, deploying, and demonstrating zero-emission and data-driven urban logistics solutions,

2. Improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and environmental sustainability of land use in 4+4 LL FUAs at the physical layer, digital layer, and business layer.

3. Establish fully validated business services in the Living Labs based on the five focus domains

4. Showcase replicability of more than 15 implementation cases

5. Stimulate a creation of an open innovation community of cities’ knowledge hub with more than 30 cities

6. Engage more than 50 collaborating urban logistic communities with a ready-to-use Urban Freight Data Space

7. Enable more than 50 city authorities and business stakeholders within the course of the project to take well-informed and dynamic decisions, linked to EU’s decarbonisation goals and matching city community needs.

8. Activate citizens’ participation process and inclusion (i.e., UF Data Space and Knowledge Hub), making more than 1000 citizens actively involved in innovations

9. DISCO builds on previously successful EU projects, evolving on urban logistics in an appropriate and purpose-oriented way for the necessary motivation and expertise.

Role of Rupprecht Consult

Within work package 1, Rupprecht Consult is leading the task of risk, quality, and innovation management, to ensure that effective measures are taken to mitigate risks by adopting the FERMA Risk Management Framework used successfully in several EU research and innovation projects. 

As the leader of work package 7, we will be involved in communication and dissemination, strengthening stakeholder engagement, and developing policy packages to re-think scaling for the future. In particular, we will be creating a knowledge hub for innovation uptake and capacity building. 

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