Who we are

Who we are

Rupprecht Consult - Forschung & Beratung GmbH is a fully independent private research and consultancy company. We are based in Cologne, Germany. Since 1996 we develop innovative solutions for sustainable development in cooperation with our partners from all over Europe and beyond.

We are well known for our work on integrated mobility, collective transport, and new technology applications as well as people-focused mobility solutions.

Our team consists of experienced researchers and advisors on strategic policy development and we provide high-quality services as project developers and managers in diverse environments. In addition, we pride ourselves on our track record in learning and knowledge transfer activities. Our colleagues all have international experience and are fluent in several languages. We have qualifications in economics, social sciences, geography, spatial planning, environment, technology, and public relations. 

We continuously maintain and develop our network through our projects, seeking long-term partnerships that contribute to our vision. 

Our vision: Contributing to a sustainable and liveable future

We are committed to contributing to the sustainable development of cities and regions in Europe and worldwide, developing innovative ideas for urban mobility planning, and cooperating with other stakeholders. We want to see the results of our research and therefore focus on implementing effective concepts through concrete projects. Our work typically falls into the following areas:

Our promise: Quality, delivered by a committed team

We deliver quality services to support our partners in all stages of the innovation cycle: Developing projects (and helping to get them funded), managing consortia, delivering reports, creating outreach and dissemination activities, helping in exchange and learning, as well as monitoring and impact assessment.


Our partners: Innovation agents worldwide

Our extensive network of partners and customers includes major international and European organizations, authorities on all levels of government (from local to global), user networks and non-government organizations, service operators, and commercial companies from various sectors, as well as academic and research institutions.