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The SOLUTIONSplus project - Integrating Urban Electric Mobility Solutions in the Context of the Paris Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda - aims to set up a global platform for shared, public and commercial e-mobility solutions. The consortium consists of highly committed cities, industry, research, implementing organisations and finance partners. The 46 project partners from all over the world are working on the widespread transition towards low-carbon urban mobility.




Project details

Duration 01/ 2020 - 12/ 2023


Coordinator Urban electric mobility initiative (UEMI)

Project goal

SOLUTIONSplus enables transformational change towards sustainable urban mobility through innovative and integrated electric mobility solutions. In order to deliver this objective, the project will boost the availability of electric vehicles, foster the efficiency of operations and support the integration of different types of e-mobility in large urban areas. The needs of users and local conditions in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America will be addressed. SOLUTIONSplus sets up a global platform for shared, public and commercial e-mobility solutions, and to kick start the transition towards low carbon urban mobility. The project will boost capabilities of local and national authorities, public transport operators and entrepreneurs about innovative urban e-mobility solutions across various transport modes. It will foster the take-up of e-mobility innovations by businesses, start-ups, local and national governments and transport operators by inspiring officials, operators, industry and businesses. Reference models for e-mobility innovation will be created.



The project encompasses city level demonstrations to test different types of innovative and integrated e-mobility solutions, complemented by a comprehensive toolbox, capacity development and replication activities. SOLUTIONSplus demonstration actions will take place in Hanoi (Vietnam), Pasig (Philippines), Lalitpur/Kathmandu (Nepal), Kigali (Rwanda), Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Quito (Ecuador), Montevideo (Uruguay), Madrid (Spain) and Hamburg (Germany).


SOLUTIONSplus will examine the demonstration actions and will draw conclusions on the effectiveness, providing a deeper understanding of the interrelation between socio-economic, legal and institutional issues and policy processes in relation to the selected business models thereby influencing future policy making on the local, regional and national level. A key element of the demonstration actions is to test and validate business models for e-mobility solutions and to embed concepts in policy, investment, industry and operational strategies.

Role of Rupprecht Consult

We will be involved in the capacity building of the project, making use of its well-established e-learning platform, the Mobility Academy. Our team will also be involved in developing a market of solutions and business development by contributing to the assembling of key concepts and business options related to currently available e-mobility solutions into a database. In addition, we also support SOLUTIONSplus cities in the integration of sustainable urban electric mobility solutions into local and national policy frameworks. Finally, we will support the implementation of a multimodal e-mobility hub in Quito’s zero-emission zone, building upon the experiences made within EU innovation projects such as ELIPTIC and trolley 2.0.

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Henning Günter
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Katy Huaylla
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