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Join us for the event: E-bus deployment worldwide: an exchange with SOLUTIONSplus experts


This exchange session is organised in the scope of the 2nd SOLUTIONPlus global e-learning programme course on “Electrification of buses and integration in cities’ public transport systems”. 

After the conclusion of the first 3 modules of the programme, this session is designed to give participants the opportunity to discuss live with selected experts, with a proven track record on the deployment of e-buses, who participated in the course as trainers. The session is open to SOL+ students but also to a wider audience. You can register here.

In line with the programme of the e-course, the invited experts and the audience will exchange on operational and technological requirements for e-buses, charging infrastructure and international experience of electrification of bus fleets.

P.S. This is a self-paced course which will run until the 10th of June. You can still join the course by registering here. 

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Levent Saran

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Electric bus at charging station.