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Despite urgent calls for “smarter urban vehicle access regulations” in the Urban Mobility Package and other high-level political commitments, very few decision makers are keen on going public with the idea of regulating car access (in time or space) in urban areas. The ReVeAL project (Regulating Vehicle Access for improved Liveability) will help to add Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVAR) to the standard range of urban mobility transition approaches of cities across Europe. Toward this end, the ReVeAL consortium will combine conceptual work and case study research with hands-on UVAR implementation in six pilot cities and systematic stakeholder interaction and professional communication activities.


Project details

Duration 06/2019-11/2022


Coordinator City of Bielefeld

Project goal

The pilot cities of Helmond, Jerusalem, London, Padova, Vitoria-Gasteiz and the project leader Bielefeld are committed to developing, implementing, testing and evaluating UVAR measures in one or more of four “Measure Fields”: 1) Zero Emission Zones, 2) Spatial Interventions, 3) Pricing Measures and – through a process called “sandboxing” – 4) some innovate Future Options (C-ITS, geo-fencing etc.). ReVeAL considers the implementation of UVAR measures a necessary part of a wider transition management challenge and therefore ensures comprehensive and coordinated changes to multiple elements of the urban transport system. Most prominently, these aspects fall into four “Transition Areas”: Governance and Financing; User Needs/Acceptance; Mobility Concepts; and System Design/Technology – all of which play a role in any change process.


With its built-in mechanisms to accompany, document and analyse the processes and impacts in the six pilot cities, ReVeAL will be able to systematically extract lessons learned and thus support the wider roll-out of smart UVAR approaches across Europe. A key strategy towards this goal is the provision of practical decision support tools and advice on the integration of UVAR in SUMPs. ReVeAL will result in an online Decision Support Tool, which includes an UVAR Readiness Assessment and an UVAR Process Advisor.

Role of Rupprecht Consult

We lead the work package on Decision Support & Legacy and is therefore responsible for the development of a Decision Support Tool and project recommendations. Together with the City of Bielefeld, our team also plays a major role for the Project Coordination and Management for ReVeAL. Next to the involvement in these and several other work packages, we are the Pilot Coordinator for the Cities of Bielefeld and Jerusalem in order to support them as Pilot Cities for implementing UVARs.

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Bonnie Fenton
+49 173 726 3681

Ralf Brand
+49 221 6060 55 18

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