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Rupprecht Consult joined the annual POLIS Conference 2022 in Brussels last week


On 30 November and 1 December, several colleagues from the Rupprecht Consult team presented and participated in the annual POLIS Conference. With more than 800 participants, this conference was POLIS’s largest yet, and we were delighted to be a part of it.

“I’m here to radicalise you,” said keynote plenary speaker Derk Loorbach from Erasmus University, who wants transition to happen faster. After last week’s riveting Polis event, we are impressed by the changes underway and newly inspired by the original, action-oriented approaches that were presented.

In addition to session presentations, we had the opportunity to meet and greet many new and familiar faces at our exhibition stand. We were especially honoured to welcome the Turkish delegation from our SUMP Türkiye project at the conference, who were undertaking the project’s first study visit to meet their peers from European institutions.

In session 3H, titled “SUMP Innovation for Climate Mitigation,” Susanne Böhler-Baedeker, along with Niklas Sieber, Fraunhofer ISI & Jochen Schneider, previously EIB, presented the upcoming SUMP Topic Guide on Decarbonisation of Urban Mobility.

In session 4B, titled “Are Cities Ready for Vehicle Automation?” Wolfgang Backhaus presented “Systemic analysis of CCAM-readiness of cities from three EU projects: Ride2Autonomy, PAV and Dynaxibility4CE.” 

In session 4C, “Sticks with the Carrots: What Is New for Urban Vehicle Access Regulations?” Bonnie Fenton shared insights from the ReVeAL project in her presentation, “Making sticks hurt less: Planning and implementing urban vehicle access regulations,” in which she explained how and why engagement supports UVARs and introduced ReVeAL’s AccessRegulationsForYourCity tool.

Some core takeaways of the event include the idea that creating a better version of what we have isn’t enough; we need to experiment with desirable new options. Hand-in-hand with this goes a recommendation to stop focussing on the cars and focus on what we want to see instead.

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