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New report on Urban Vehicle Access Regulations


EIT Urban Mobility has published a new report on Urban Vehicle Access Regulation to which our colleague Bonnie Fenton has contributed to as part of her work in ReVeAL.

This EIT Urban Mobility report on Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVARs) highlights key outcomes and recommendations, namely in terms of their features and impacts, their enforcement and the involvement of stakeholders and citizens in their implementation.

In this report, our colleague Bonnie Fenton has highlighted some key takeaways from the ReVeAL project. Some of these takeaways are as follows:

  • UVARs go beyond just low emission zones and congestion charging by comprising regulatory measures, spatial interventions and pricing aspects.
  • Several aspects are common to all these areas of intervention, such as governance, financing, user needs/acceptance, complementary measures and ensuring compliance.

The report highlights results from other use cases, such as results from AMAT Milano, Abertis Mobility Services and Barcelona in terms of participatory processes and citizen engagement.

You can access the report here:

You can read more about our work in ReVeAL here:

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