Project Details


Mobilising citizens for vital cities


Project details

Duration 09/2008 – 10/2012


Coordinator City of Ljubljana, Zdenka Šimonovic

Project goal

The starting point for CIVITAS-ELAN is to “put citizens first“ in the dual sense of

  • considering citizens not only to be “the problem“ in creating a sustainable transport system, but to “mobilise“ them by letting them become part of “the solution“ through dedicated participation and consultation processes in many aspects of the project, and by
  • giving priority to the needs and expectations of citizens in the “ELAN cities“ – difficult to achieve or contradictory as they may sometimes appear to the transport practitioner.

Responding to citizens’ needs, CIVITAS-ELAN has identified headline objectives for each CIVITAS policy field:

Mobilising citizens, creating vital cities, ensuring health and access for all by:

Alternative fuels &   clean energy
efficient vehicles

  • Increasing energy efficiency through comprehensive energy management and innovative energy recovery/ saving techniques
  • Reducing dependency on fossil fuels by increasing use and production of biofuels
  • Increasing use of CNG
  • Cleaning up local vehicle fleets through a mix of technologies/ fuels
  • Initiating local and European “green procurement“ approaches

transport services
& intermodal

  • Implementing effective, high quality mobility solutions
  • Integrating transport modes and local-regional public transport
  • Giving priority to PT on the road, at intersections and (P&R) interchanges
  • Planning intermodal infrastructure with active public involvement


  • Preparing for a sustainable congestion charging scheme
  • Establishing a public dialogue on pricing
  • Returning public space to pedestrians
  • Managing space to increase its quality and its use by sustainable modes

travel behaviour

  • Adopting a targeted mobility marketing approach
  • Providing mobility management plans to major institutions
  • Making walking and cycling more attractive
  • Establishing a mobility dialogue with the citizens
  • Providing high-quality mobility information to the citizens

Safe & secure

  • Developing integrated & target-group specific safety and security strategies
  • Increasing road safety (especially for vulnerable road users)
  • Improving security in Public Transport

mobility services

  • Implementing flexible demand-responsive mobility services and agencies
  • Developing car sharing concept further
  • Providing a coordinated response to major events


  • Rationalising freight distribution
  • Improving institutional cooperation on “freight"


  • Increasing the commercial speed of Public Transport by giving priority
  • Providing reliable traveller information
  • Simplifying ticketing and integrating fares
  • “Decongesting“ corridors from polluting vehicles
  • Introducing telematics for clean modes

Implementing sustainable mobility

One of the lessons the ELAN cities have learnt through their involvement in previous CIVITAS projects, is that challenges to the implementation of innovative urban transport solutions are not always of a technical nature. Instead, the main obstacles tend to be behavioural, changing implementation conditions or institutional issues. That is why CIVITAS-ELAN adopts a process-oriented approach and accentuates risk management, including contingency plans and early warning systems for project risks.

Furthermore, the project partners are well aware of the crucial importance of a citizen-centred approach. CIVITAS-ELAN takes the view that if decision-makers are serious about considering citizens’ needs and engaging them in the implementation of solutions, much better approaches to consultation and broad dialogue are necessary than what has been practiced in Europe to date. ELAN therefore experiments with inclusive governance at all stages from project planning and implementation, to monitoring and evaluation. In many cases, citizens are encouraged to contribute their own ideas and thereby directly influence mobility planning decisions.

The focus on citizen participation has been incorporated into the design of the 67 activities under ELAN. This entails dedicated participation and consultation processes and prioritises the needs and expectations of citizens, difficult to achieve or contradictory as they sometimes may appear to transport practitioners. Various non-governmental, citizen-driven organisations are full partners in CIVITAS-ELAN and are in charge of carrying out concrete measures. They provide direct links between the CIVITAS community and those working at the local grassroots level. Aside from encouraging involvement, the CIVITAS-ELAN cities want to pro-actively convince citizens that clean mobility solutions are in their interest. The partners want to show how, despite a lack of funds, overdue investments and maintenance will contribute to economic development and help build a fair and inclusive society.


ELAN aims to increase the modal share of walking and cycling, support innovative freight delivery solutions, implement innovative demand management, and increase the use of cleaner and energy-efficient vehicles. The project will enhance overall road safety and reduce air pollution. CIVITAS-ELAN will enhance the cities’ perception as pioneers of advanced mobility concepts that offer a high quality of life. This in turn will attract knowledge workers and enterprises.

In addition to the implementation of concrete clean and sustainable urban transport solutions, CIVITAS-ELAN aims to mobilise people in physical, political and societal terms. Responding to citizens’ demands constitutes better governance and will improve the quality of public transport. Yet, the ELAN partners are convinced that putting citizens first will make a long lasting change. Transferring ownership of policies to citizens will not only substantially reduce the political risk of failure but most importantly winning people’s minds and hearts will initiate a lasting new mentality towards sustainable mobility.

As a policy-driven project led by impact and process evaluation, the ELAN cities will significantly contribute to major national, EU and global policy processes. They will motivate cities throughout Europe to follow their lead. CIVITAS-ELAN brings together politicians and practitioners from various cities, countries and professional backgrounds. It fosters exchange and advances Europe’s knowledge economy. Furthermore, CIVITAS-ELAN addresses global challenges such as climate change and security of energy supply. It contributes to reduce dependence on oil imports and helps to create to a cleaner and more liveable environment.

Role of Rupprecht Consult

Within the ELAN project, Rupprecht Consult is responsible for the Project Management and is supporting the Project Coordinator.

Contact details

Marcel Braun
+49 221 6060 55 20

Project partners

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