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Trolleybus systems as ready-to-use, electric urban transport solution for all cities

INTERREG IVB <link http:>Central Europe Programme


Project details

Duration 02/2010 – 03/2013


Coordinator Salzburg AG für Energie, Verkehr und Telekommunikation, Austria (Lead Partner)

Project goal

By following an integrated approach the project had one main goal: the promotion of trolleybuses as the cleanest and most economical transport mode for sustainable cities and regions in Central Europe. Through this general objective, TROLLEY sought to enhance quality, safety and attractiveness of public transport, while also contributing to the mitigation of negative environmental impacts of transport in Central Europe.


The following main outputs (consisting of several sub-outputs) were produced and made available to other interested stakeholders step-by-step, providing the latest available state-of-the-art knowledge on operating trolleybus systems:

Optimised Energy Use with Trolleybuses

<link http: fileadmin user_upload download trolley_wp4_intermodal_compendium_60dpi.pdf>Handbook on Diesel to Trolleybus Conversion [EN]
<link http: fileadmin user_upload download trolley_wp3_handbook_konwersja_autobusu_z_silnikiem_diesla.pdf>Handbook on Diesel to Trolleybus Conversion [PL] 
<link http: fileadmin user_upload download trolley_wp3_study_on_network_based_energy_storage_system_for_eberswalde.pdf>Study on network based energy storage system for Eberswalde [DE]
• Reference Guide on Trolleybus-Tram Network Use [available soon]
• Manual on Advanced Energy Storage Systems [available soon]

Increased Public Transport Efficiency with Trolleybuses

  • Trolleybus Intermodal Compendium [EN|60dpi]
  • Trolleybus Intermodal Compendium [EN|100dpi]
  • Report on Authorization and Implementation of Overhead Junction in Szeged [EN]
  • Report on Feasibility Study on Network Extension in Eberswalde [DE]
  • Summary Report on Feasibility Study on Netwok Extension in Salzburg [EN]
  • Summary Feasibility Study Network Extension in Salzburg/ Esch [EN]
  • Summary Feasibility Study Network Extension in Salzburg/ Freilassing [EN]
  • Transport Mode Efficiency Analysis: Bus vs Trolleybus [EN]
  • Transnational Take-Up Guide on Diesel Bus replacements [available soon]

Marketing and Awareness Raising of Trolleybuses

  • <link http: fileadmin user_upload download trolley_wp5_roadshow_exhibition_report.pdf>Roadshow Exhibition Report [EN]
  • S<link http: fileadmin user_upload download trolley_wp5_summary_of_trolley_marketing_activities_in_eberswalde_in_german.pdf>ummary of TROLLEY Marketing Activities in Eberswalde [DE]
  • <link http: fileadmin user_upload download trolley_wp5_survey_on_perception_of_trolleybuses_in_gdynia.pdf>Survey on Perception of Trolleybuses in Gdynia [EN]
  • <link http: fileadmin user_upload download trolley_wp5_launch_event_documentation_gdynia.pdf>TROLLEY Launch Event Documentation in Gdynia [EN]
  • <link http: _blank>Trolleybus Declaration
  • <link http: _blank>Europe-wide Trolleybus Image Promotion Campaign
  • <link http: _blank>Trolleybus Promotion Film
  • <link http: _blank>Central European Trolleybus Knowledge Center
  • <link http: _blank>Three e-learning Modules

Role of Rupprecht Consult

Project Manager

Contact details

Wolfgang Backhaus
+49 221 6060 55 0

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