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Gdynia won RegioStars 2014 award for its modern trolleybus system


Green trolleybuses bring a better quality of urban life

The European Commission's RegioStars Award is given to Europe's most promising and innovative regional projects funded by the EU. In the 7th edition of RegioStars, Gdynia has been awarded in the CityStar category - Investments projects in sustainable urban public transport - for its "Development of pro-ecological public transport in Tricity metropolitan area." Trolleybus systems have long suffered from the prejudice that they are outdated. Gdynia has proven that green trolleybuses bring a better quality of urban life. The city set out to increase the competitiveness of environmentally- friendly public transport and to improve quality of service. It has encouraged a major upgrade of the Gdynia trolleybus system and infrastructure which has increased passenger numbers and reduced travel times. 28 new lowfloor trolleybuses were purchased to increase the number of modern, eco-friendly and accessible trolleybuses. The project has rebuilt the image of public transport in Gdynia, leading to an increase in the number of passengers and creating direct benefits for the residents and the local economy. Both our <link nc projects projects-details project civitas-dynmo.html>DYN@MO and <link nc projects projects-details project trolley-1.html>TROLLEY Projects have in part controbuted to the overall Trolleybus strategy of Gdynia.

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