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Eltis/ SUMI2

Eltis/ SUMI 2 is the project that won the DG MOVE tender “European Urban Mobility Observatory and Support including Web Portal Management, SUMP-Related Activities and Urban Mobility Scoreboard (SUMI – Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators)” (MOVE/B4/2020/840). The project consists of two parts:

  • managing, developing and updating the Eltis portal (, and implementing specific SUMP-related activities (Activity 1), and
  • implementing specific activities related to Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators (Activity 2)
Eltis/ SUMI2

Project details

Duration 12/2021 - 12/2023


Coordinator Ricardo Nederland BV

Project goal

Activity 1: European Urban Mobility Observatory and Support including Web Portal Management, SUMP-Related Activities

  • Hosting and management of the Eltis portal
  • Keeping the Eltis portal up-to-date by including new content such as news items, case studies and video clips, and by preparing regular newsletters
  • Promoting the uptake of SUMPs in Europe, including
    • Hosting SUMP guidance, covering both the overall SUMP concept, SUMP Guidelines themselves, as well as supplemental guidance provided in Practitioner Briefings and Topic Guides
    • Monitoring city-level activities in the development of SUMPs
    • Providing access to existing SUMPs through the City Database
    • Providing access to SUMP good practice examples (case studies and videos), tools and news items on the Eltis portal
    • Developing further, and disseminating, SUMP Guidelines
    • Maintaining a strong network of cities, through national SUMP contact points
    • Providing access to SUMP Guidelines and supporting guidance, in a selection of European languages
    • Improving the SUMP Self-Assessment Tool (
  • Organising regular meetings of the Coordination Group of the European Platform on SUMPs
  • Organising the Urban Mobility Days Conference in 2022

Activity 2: Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators (SUMI) and Benchmarking Tool

  • Updating and improving the SUMI indicators available from
  • Improving the benchmarking tool available from the same website
  • Cooperating with 100 European cities to calculate the indicators and providing assistance to these cities through city-specific support, a SUMI secretariat, trainings and a data acquisition fund


  • Improved Eltis portal
  • Regular provision of new content on Eltis portal
  • Publication of regular Eltis newsletters
  • Eltis presence on social media channels
  • Updated SUMP guidance
  • Improved SUMP Self-Assessment Tool
  • Improved SUMI indicators and benchmarking tool
  • 100 European cities which have calculated the indicators

Role of Rupprecht Consult

Rupprecht Consult is responsible for:

  • leading and coordinating all tasks under Activity 2 "Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators (SUMI) and Benchmarking Tool", including liaison with the EC, quality assurance of project outputs and risk management
  • leading the update and improvement of the indicators, and providing assistance to cities
  • supporting the improvement of the SUMI benchmarking tool
  • leading the promotion of the uptake of SUMPs in Europe, including the development of SUMP guidance and the update of SUMP Self-Assessment Tool

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