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EU Commission pushes SUMP forward to improve city living


The European Commission made a push to promote SUMP to the next level, with the adoption of a recommendation on national support programmes for SUMP planning and implementation. This move is aimed at improving urban mobility and addressing issues such as air pollution, traffic congestion, and the need for safer spaces for walking and cycling.

Last week, the European Commission took a step forward in promoting Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) by adopting a Recommendation on National Support Programmes for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning aimed at member states. The recommendation is designed to support towns and cities in improving urban mobility by establishing national programmes managed by a dedicated office. The programmes should include guidance materials, training programmes, capacity building, technical expertise, and financial support to assist cities, and the 430 major cities along the trans-European transport network will receive support to develop their SUMPs. Member States are expected to inform the Commission annually of actions taken in light of the Recommendation, and the Commission plans to collaborate with the new Commission Expert Group on Urban Mobility (EGUM).

The Recommendation is not just about prioritizing certain modes of transport. The EU's latest guidelines urge member states to prioritize walking, cycling, and public transport when planning SUMPs, which can reduce air pollution and traffic congestion, while promoting a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for their citizens.

This push towards sustainable urban mobility planning is crucial for achieving climate and environmental goals. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, cities can contribute to a more sustainable future for all. We are is excited to see SUMP promotion and uptake moving forward. As a long-standing actor in the SUMP area, we are convinced that prioritizing sustainable mobility is key to creating livable cities. The adoption of the Recommendation fulfils a commitment from the New EU Urban Mobility Framework of 2021, demonstrating the EU's strong commitment to promoting sustainable mobility in urban areas.


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