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SCALE (Smart Charging Alignment for Europe) is a three-year Horizon Europe project that aims at preparing EU cities for mass deployment of electric vehicles and the accompanying smart charging and V2X infrastructure (Hardware & Software). SCALE is at the forefront of innovation in the cross-cutting fields of energy management and electric vehicle mass deployment. The uptake of EVs in a mass-deployment scenario, coupled with the flexibility of renewable energy generation, could form the basis of a de-centralized power system simultaneously decarbonizing both transport and energy sectors. To this end, SCALE’s different V2X solutions and innovations will be systematically tested, validated and deployed across various demonstration sites and use cases in Europe, thus, being globally the first-of-its-kind attempt at this scale with the strategic objective to create an open system solution, deploying a user-centric approach for cleaner energy and transportation systems.


Project details

Duration 06/2022 - 05/2025


Coordinator ElaadNL

Project goal

Prepare the mass market uptake of bidirectional charging with a user centric charging ecosystem and interoperable systems where users and fleet operators have flexibility, and ensure smart charging is possible at an EU-wide scale.


- Streamlining the participation of EV users in the energy market and evaluate the business case of Vehicle-2-Grid and Vehicle-2-X applications ​

  •  Holistic awareness of V2X benefits and associated costs among different stakeholder groups such as EV owners, CPOs and city planners among others ​
  • Standardization of charger interface with cross-sectoral devices and systems (e.g.: interaction between EV chargers and smart home​
  • 1.5 million open protocol based public charger rollout by 2030​
  • Reduce grid reinforcements by 50% by leveraging the existing grid better ​
  • SCALE blueprint for implementation of integrated G2X-V2X (Grid-2-X and Vehicle-2-X) physical and digital infrastructure ​
  • Integrated V2G planning tool for charging infrastructure rollout​
  • User-friendly, afford-able open system smart charging and V2X application​

Role of Rupprecht Consult

WP5: Preparing for mass-deployment (8 PMs)​
Task 5.6 lead – SCALE blueprint for integrated G2X-V2X cross-sector planning:

  • adaptation of SUMP and also building on the SUMEP recommendations for integrated systemic planning​

WP6: Communication, replication and European take-up (6 PMs)​
Task 6.5 Lead – Capacity Building:

  • foster capacity building among authorities/V2X Alliance members ​
  • Knowledge Exchange and cooperation with other initiatives, projects, and organisations in Europe and beyond​

WP7: Management and coordination leader (27 PMs)​:

  • Project coordination & quality control​
  • Project management and progress reporting ​

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