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The specific needs of children and young people are often not given enough attention in urban and transport planning. The programme "Planning for the Future" aims to change this by providing concrete advice to municipalities in Northrhein-Westfalia (NRW).

Whether it is the planning of a new residential development or a conversion site, the new creation or redesign of a street, a traffic-calmed area or the upgrade of public spaces: Too often, only adults are involved in the corresponding participation processes. The young generation is rarely in the focus and too often they are not sufficiently reached and involved. The Zukunftsnetz Mobilität NRW (Future-Network Mobility NRW) promotes and co-funds support for municipalities so that the perspective of young people is better taken into account in urban and transport planning. This is intended to improve road safety, quality of life, personal development and health, and at the same time inspire a change in transport policy. These consulting services are provided by a team of Rupprecht Consult and the specialized planning office Stadtkinder. It also involves the long-term establishment of youth-friendly planning in the respective city administrations. 


Project details

Duration 04/2022 – 03/2024


Coordinator Planungsbüro STADTKINDER GmbH (

Project goal

The aim of the project is to enable funded municipalities in NRW both to make concrete planning projects more child and youth friendly and to build up capacities, resources, know-how and routines in the municipalities so that the needs of young people are better taken into account in principle and in the long term.



So far (as of August 2022), some municipalities have applied for funding through the "PLANNING FOR FUTURE" program, which would allow them to benefit from advice by Rupprecht Consult and the Stadtkinder planning office. The first consultations will start this year. The programme runs until 2024, so that many municipalities in NRW can still benefit from it – around 20 to 24 municipalities in total. 

Role of Rupprecht Consult

Rupprecht Consult advises the funded municipalities, among other things, through inspiration from international "good practice" examples, through know-how about helpful tools, and, above all, through advice on how child- and youth-friendly planning can be strategically integrated into the routine activities of a municipality. This includes focusing on this important issue in the context of integrated transport planning (SUMP), through meaningful indicators, through the identification of and cooperation with key stakeholders, through appropriate participation methods, or through the establishment of corresponding structures and capacities within the administration. 

Project partners


  • Children and their parents
  • Cities and towns in Northrhein-Westfalia

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