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ASSURED - fASt and Smart charging solutions for full size URban hEavy Duty applications comprises 40 partners from 12 different EU Member States working on the electrification of urban commercial vehicles and their integration with high power fast charging infrastructure. High-power charging solutions for full-size, urban, heavy-duty applications will be tested, aiming towards 100% interoperability for different types of vehicles. For this, various vehicles (public transport buses, garbage trucks, delivery vehicles) and ultra-fast charging solutions will be evaluated and tested by different European public transport operators.


Project details

Duration 10/2017 - 03/2022


Coordinator Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

Project goal

ASSURED aims at boosting the electrification of urban commercial vehicles. Therefore, it is indispensable, to provide a convenient high-power fast charging infrastructure. The ambition of the project is the development and testing of high-power solutions for full-size, urban, heavy-duty applications as well as realizing true interoperability. Charging infrastructure must be able to charge various types of vehicles and, eventually, supply energy to a whole fleet of buses. This will help reducing the costs, and thus improving the business case of e-mobility, and support the standardisation of the various infrastructure elements.


The results established in the ASSURED project will be:

  • The development of interoperable high-power charging systems with power levels up to 600 kW
  • The realization of charger-vehicle interoperability and standardisation
  • Solutions for fast opportunity charging considering operational costs, their impact on the power grid and battery ageing
  • The reduction of noise pollution currently caused by combustion engines of heavy-duty to light-duty urban commercial vehicles
  • The reduction of air pollution through an increasing use of zero-emission urban commercial vehicles instead of combustion powered vehicles
  • The reduction of the total cost of ownership and the operational costs of electric heavy-duty to light-duty urban commercial vehicles

Role of Rupprecht Consult

In this project, we analyse city needs and requirements as regards ultra-fast charging infrastructures and provides input to an integrated charging and energy planning perspective for SUMP in ASSURED cities.

Furthermore, we are involved in the development of business models for interoperable charging infrastructure being able to charge various kinds of heavy-duty vehicles. We also supports the organisation of ASSURED user groups for public transoport operators and freight users, thus ensuring the wider involvement of European stakeholders.

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