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ELIPTIC, ASSURED & CleanMobilEnergy held joint workshop on charging infrastructure for electric vehicles


ELIPTIC, together with invited projects ASSURED and CleanMobilEnergy, organised a workshop on charging infrastructure in cities. The event took place in Brussels, on Monday 19th March. Over 40 representatives of public authorities and other electromobility-related organisations attended the event.

In joining forces, the three projects gathered four advanced cities that presented their strategies and activities for electric charging infrastructure.Peter Swart from the City of Arnhem and Coordinator of <link http: projects project-search cleanmobilenergy-clean-mobility-and-energy-for-cities _blank>CleanMobilEnergy opened the session with a presentation focused on the use of clean energy for electric mobility, he was followed by Angel Lopez from B:SM Barcelona who explained the overall charging infrastructure strategy and plan of Barcelona. Peggy Magnusson, from the municipality Gothenburg introduced the actions of her city regarding the electrification of mobility, including urban freight and public transport. David Talbot from TfL London closed this session with an overview of the ELIPTIC activities implemented in London on the multi-purpose use of the metro energy grid.This was followed by a presentation of the <link https: _blank>ASSURED project and the main conclusions and recommendations of <link http: _blank>ELIPTIC which were later discussed in two parallel interactive sessions.The presentations are all available on the <link https: publicevents eliptic-workshop---charging-infrastructure-amp-policy-recommendations _blank>event page.

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