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New EEA report emphasises close link between SUMP and increased quality of life


The European European Agency's annual Transport and Environment Reporting Mechanism report (TERM 2013) provides impetus for the European-wide take-up of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

On 3 December 2013, the European European Agency published "A closer look at urban transport – TERM 2013: transport indicators tracking progress towards environmental targets in Europe." This report assesses key transport trends as well as the progress towards achieving policy targets. It dedicates an entire chapter to the SUMP concept and states that "the development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) can eventually increase the urban quality of life while guaranteeing its social and economic development." TERM 2013 suggests that "the EU takes on an important role in the setting of targets and regulation and the monitoring of progress through a comprehensive framework of action. Ultimately, in order to gain public support this must aim to address not just the environmental impacts of the transport system, but to create an improved quality of life for all European citizens." The work of Rupprecht Consult is prominently featured in the TERM 2013 report. We are happy that, in addition to the publication of the European Commission's Urban Mobility Package on 17 December 2013, another important European document fosters the importance of sustainable urban mobility planning and encourages urban mobility practitioners to shift the planning focus away from traffic flow capacity and speed and towards accessibility and quality of life.

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[1] TERM 2013

EEA Report No 11/2013
A closer look at urban transport.TERM 2013: transport indicators tracking progress towards environmental targets in Europe