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Lecture on SUMP and electrification in collaboration with TU Berlin


On 4 November, our colleagues Katy Huaylla and Henning Günter provided the first lecture of the elective Urban and Transport Planning in Emerging Economies: Concepts and Experiences for the MBA Sustainable Mobility programme at TU Berlin.

The course aims to yield a general overview of urban and transport planning approaches and practices, particularly from emerging economies. Its' focus lays on policies, methodologies and best practice examples from diverse regions, serving students to gain a deeper understanding of planning in emerging economies.
Within this framework, Katy Huaylla and Henning Günter gave the first lecture of the course, giving an introduction to Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) in general, showing specific examples from developing countries, and elaborating how SUMP can support the e-mobility transition. Insights were shared mainly from two key projects: (1) EUROCLIMA+ SUMP support to cities in Latin America and (2) SOLUTIONS+ fostering e-mobility worldwide. Students were able to review and discuss first-hand experience and examples of how policies and measures can actually be applied in practice. 
The session took place online and was prepared to be as interactive as possible, including several sessions like student group presentations on a particular case study, breakout rooms, Q&A sessions and polls, spread over five hours. The participatory elements were particularly relevant and interesting to the course as the MBA students come from a wide variety of countries from all over the world, and their personal experiences and opinions enriched our discussions significantly. 
The feedback received to the session was quite positive. Students found the session interesting and insightful, which of course pushes us to keep up our work both in the projects and for teaching / training collaborations!

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