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Latin American cities successfully completed the SUMPs learning programme and will apply knowledge in their local contexts


As the SUMP learning programme comes to an end, more than 70 local authorities from 23 cities actively participated through the entire programme, including the beneficiaries of the EUROCLIMA+ SUMP projects.

Due to rapid urban growth in recent decades, many Latin American cities have found it necessary to develop strategic plans with a long-term vision. In this way, people's mobility needs can be met while improving levels of accessibility, equity and quality of life. This is why the EUROCLIMA+ programme, through the Urban Mobility sector, works with cities in the region to develop Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). In order to provide the technical capacities for local authorities to develop and implement these plans, in November 2019 EUROCLIMA+ launched the SUMP Learning Programme for Latin America. This learning programme included four e-courses, several webinars and workshops. The fourth and final e-course of the programme on monitoring and evaluation was held from May to June 2021. More than 70 local authorities from 23 cities actively participated through the entire programme, including the beneficiaries of the EUROCLIMA+ SUMP projects: Antofagasta (Chile), Ambato (Ecuador), Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara (Mexico), Havana (Cuba), Arequipa (Peru), Cordoba (Argentina) and Baixada Santista (Brazil). The EUROCLIMA+ programme is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the French Development Agency (AFD). "The methodology for the development of a SUMP is very pleasantly valued, in each course one had the possibility to reinforce the content with concrete examples from other realities; one had the possibility to interact with professionals from other cities and/or countries and had access to permanent and timely technical and methodological guidance in addition to a friendly web platform. In summary, this course has been very useful and is highly recommended to build and train human capital capable of promoting transformations in urban mobility." Mauricio Zamorano, Antofagasta, Chile. The Learning Programme is based on the essence of the SUMP concept and provides participating cities with tools, examples and best practices. Furthermore, it contextualises its contents to the characteristics of the regions. It was designed and moderated by Rupprecht Consult in the framework of our support to the Euroclima+ programme. In the last one and a half years, participants have learned about basic concepts of SUMP, how to develop a sustainable mobility plan from the decision to start through the diagnosis phase, develop a strategic vision with stakeholders, gain understanding of the tools to build mobility scenarios, set targets and indicators, plan measures and develop an action plan, including financing, approval and implementation management. "I have participated in course 4 and I have learned a lot, it has been very rewarding to learn about the implementation and monitoring of SUMP development and to be able to achieve a better quality of life for all and to think about having a sustainable city, thank you very much." - Jorge Alberto Sánchez Cabanillas, Trujillo, Peru. The participants provided highly positive feedback on the SUMP Learning Programme for Latin America. They highlighted the relevance of the content for their daily work and how the tools offered have been applied in their respective cities. "The SUMP learning programme for Latin America has been important and valuable in each of its modules and in each of them our comments have been accepted to improve, but above all there has been a transfer of knowledge about the methodology to develop Mobility Plans in our cities. In my case, during this year we have approved the Sustainable Mobility Plan of Trujillo, where I am the Coordinator of the Technical Management Unit and the methodology developed in this programme has been applied, so it has helped me a lot to understand and transfer contributions to my team". - Gladis Mariela Tantaléan Olano, Trujillo, Peru.

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