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Advanced traffic management solutions are crucial in today’s world for ensuring synchronized and resilient multimodal services. On this, SYNCHROMODE, which is a three-year Horizon Europe (2023-2026) project, will deliver a suite of services for improving the overall transport network management, fostering the coordination of different agents involved in the provision and control of the transport services. These services include: 

1. Transport network-wide data exchange and integration system; 

2. Cooperative dashboard for real-time monitoring and prediction of network-wide multimodal transport and traffic; and 


3. Resilient multimodal transport network and traffic management support tool. 

The project involves three case studies in Thessaloniki (Greece), Netherlands and Madrid (Spain), focusing on traffic management and enhancing collaboration between mobility and logistics operators.  


Project details

Duration 05/2023 - 04/2026


Coordinator CERTH-HIT

Project goal

The objective of this project is to create data-driven ICT tools that enhance the management of transport operations from a multimodal standpoint and oversee the entire transportation network. SYNCHROMODE will offer transport managers novel predictive and network optimization capabilities that balance the transport supply and demand and respond to various events. 


In this project, under Work Package 2, Rupprecht consult will be leading following deliverables: 

D2.1 – Report on user needs and system requirements definition for each case study  

D2.2 – Multi-actor cooperation and governance models for integrated multimodal transport systems – version 1  

D2.3 – Multi-actor cooperation and governance models for integrated multimodal transport systems – updated version 2  

D2.4 - Multi-actor cooperation and governance models for integrated multimodal transport systems – final version 3 

Role of Rupprecht Consult

In this project, Rupprecht Consult leads Work Package 2 titled ‘Users’ needs, system requirements definition and governance models’. To effectively implement integrated multimodal and multi-actor traffic and transport management solutions, it is necessary to adopt a comprehensive approach that guides the strategic integration of all research efforts in the project and ensures cooperation and communication with local stakeholders and mobility users. Focusing on the approach, the work package aims to: 

  1. Identify and analyze user and stakeholder needs at each pilot site, evaluating the resulting requirements and context conditions on the solution implementation, including scope, feature, functions and characteristics​; 

  1. Develop cooperation models and governance structures for multimodal traffic and network management, involving key actors in the transport system and ensuring efficient coordination among public and private sectors;​ and 

  1. Co-design case study’s description and implementation plan, involving key local actors and establishing a common understanding of the tasks, roles and time plan to be followed. 

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