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SUMP Euskirchen

The district town of Euskirchen is working on the development of a city-wide mobility concept. We, together with the planning office VIA, Cologne, and the agency tippingpoints, Bonn, have the task of developing the mobility concept as part of a comprehensive participatory process.

SUMP Euskirchen

Project details

Duration 09/2019-09/2021

Website http://N/A

Coordinator Planungsbüro VIA eG

Project goal

The aim is to develop an attractive mobility offer and alternatives to using private cars for all social and age groups, in order to make the residential location of Euskirchen even more attractive. The focus here is on cycling, walking, bus and train use and the intelligent linking of all means of transport. The road network is also being reviewed to ensure that it is functioning properly.
Over the next two years until autumn 2021, a closer look will be taken at what incentives are needed to encourage more citizens to use the means of transport in the eco-modes of transport and to use private vehicles more efficiently than before - whether by combining them with bus and train or by various forms of car sharing.
The proportion of journeys made by bicycle, on foot, bus and train in the city of Euskirchen is to be increased. A household survey in 2017 showed that around 10 % of all trips are made by bicycle. The car has a share of about 52 % plus 9 % passengers, walking 17 %, and bus and train were used 12 %.
When it comes to cycling and walking, safety and comfort are the top priorities. The cycling network is being reviewed and expanded to meet current needs. The diverse needs of commuters, schoolchildren and other everyday users will be given special consideration in order to comprehensively improve local mobil


Responsibles of the project are developing new ideas on mobility in Euskirchen - and the population is fully involved. After an initial phase in which the basic principles of the mobility concept are reviewed and evaluated, a variety of forms of participation will follow. In autumn 2019, for example, a citizens' dialogue was conducted online, which allows suggestions to be incorporated into the ongoing process.

In the future, city walks and citizens' bike tours are also planned, during which problems are identified and possible solutions are discussed on site. In the course of planning, events are planned in the districts and a continuous exchange with administration, politics and local stakeholders is planned.

The result of the process is a well-founded mobility concept that is well anchored in the urban society and shows the direction for the future.

Role of Rupprecht Consult

Within the project consortium we are mainly responsible for the development of the mission statement, objectives and planning principles as well as for the evaluation concept.
In addition, our team contributes to the catalogue of measures, the final documentation and the coordination and citizen participation by means of citizens' conferences, steering committee meetings and stakeholder discussions.

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Susanne Böhler-Baedeker
+49 221 6060 55 14

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