Project Details

SUMP Düsseldorf

Together with the Wuppertal Institute and TippingPoints, we are developing the mobility measures for five topic areas of Düsseldorf's SUMP: H.11 New forms of mobility, H.12 Digitisation and multimodality, H.13 Company mobility management, H.14 Target-oriented mobility (children, youth, seniors) and H.15 Marketing. The measures are developed in a participatory process with stakeholders.

Project goal

The aim of the project is to develop measures that help achieve the overarching goals of Düsseldorf's SUMP. An effective mix of measures will be proposed that balances short, medium and long-term measures. "Hard" and "soft" (technical, infrastructure, policy-based and information-based) measures with push and pull effects will be integrated into cost-effective packages. based on a solid analysis of the current situation, existing measures will be continued and rolled-out, complemented by highly innovative new actions.


Throughout the process, the following products will be developed:

  • Prioritised and thematically structured measure lists
  • Portfolio of politically acceptable and technically feasible measures and measure packages
  • Measure sheets for high-priority measures
  • As well as several contributions to the coordinated process of all 15 measure fields.

Role of Rupprecht Consult

We are the consortium leader and is responsible for the measure fields:

  • H.11 New forms of mobility
  • H.12 Digitisation and multimodality

Project partners

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