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Project SUMP Düsseldorf kicks off


On 13 November, we met digitally for the kick-off of the project SUMP Düsseldorf. We are looking forward to developing innovative and effective mobility measures in the next 16 months, focusing on multimodality, digitisation and new forms of mobility!

As a well-connected large city situated in one of the most populated areas of Europe, transport to and within Düsseldorf can be a challenge: Citizens, commuters, tourists and business travellers move around the urban center every day and require efficient, safe and sustainable modes to do it. 

At Rupprecht Consult, we will be responsible for the action areas "new forms of mobility" and "digitisation and multimodality", where we will apply expertise from recent projects such as CoEXist (automation) and DYNAXIBILITY4CE (MaaS).Find out more on our project page and <link https: verkehrsmanagement mobilitaetsplan-d-der-verkehrsentwicklungsplan-duesseldorf.html external-link-new-window external link in new>Düsseldorf's website!

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