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SUMP Augsburg

We support the city of Augsburg in tendering out a new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (called Gesamtverkehrsplan). This includes project planning as well as preparing and conducting the tendering. We are also in charge of quality control for the participatory creation of the mobility plan.

SUMP Augsburg

Project details

Duration 12/2020 - 12/2022

Website http://N/A

Coordinator Rupprecht Consult for City of Augsburg

Project goal

The goal is to prepare a successful SUMP process, resulting in a high-quality plan that defines Augsburg's mobility strategy for the coming years and leads to effective measure implementation. To achieve this, the project develops a solid project structure for the SUMP process and turns it into reliable Terms of Reference. By involving a range of colleagues from different city departments, fitting focus topics for the plan are identified and described as clear tasks for the ToR. At the end, a qualified contractor will be chosen for the SUMP development.



As a result of the preparation support, the City of Augsburg will have created a baseline which guarantees the adequate development of a SUMP that resonates with the expectations of the city and complies with the European principles of sustainable urban mobility planning.  

Role of Rupprecht Consult

We cooperate closely with the civil engineering department (Tiefbauamt) and support them in all steps of the tendering process.

Contact details

Susanne Böhler-Baedeker
+49 221 6060 55 14

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