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Augsburg prepares itself for a new SUMP!


We are working with the city of Augsburg to set up a new SUMP (Gesamtverkehrsplan) for tender. Several city agencies cooperate in this preparatory phase to define the guiding principles and set up the terms of reference of the strategic plan.

The city of Augsburg is in the process of developing a new urban mobility plan and we are glad to share our experiences with them. In the first phase of this project, we support a range of city agencies (civil engineering, environment, business and urban development and public transport providers) in the layout of the overall strategy, the definition of work packages and the selection of an external contractor.The main challenge in this phase is the collective agreement on thematic focuses and the integration of existing strategic and urban mobility plans. Apart from setting the plan's scope, this first phase also lays the basis for procedural characteristics of the planning process such as the layout of the decision-making processes and citizen involvement. The new urban mobility plan (Gesamtverkehrsplan) is expected to be published by the end of next year and implemented in the years thereafter.

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Leitlinien Masterplan nachhaltige und emissionsfreie Mobilität 2018
Leitlinien Masterplan nachhaltige und emissionsfreie Mobilität 2018