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APOLLO-EU is a service contract by the European Commission that aims to support the uptake of the Clean Bus Deployment Initiative (CBDI) across European Member States. The project will create a platform for cities, public transport operators and authorities, infrastructure providers, OEMs, financing entities as well civil society representatives. The platform will bring together European transport authorities and operators with varying degrees of clean bus deployment know-how to boost and support the exchange of knowledge and expertise. APOLLO-EU is comprehensive in that it covers all kinds of clean vehicles, battery-electric, fuel cell, CNG, battery-trolleys as well as plug-in hybrids.


Project details

Duration 07/2019 -06/2023


Coordinator UITP - International Association of Public Transport

Project goal

APOLLO-EU aims to boost clean bus deployment across Europe as an alternative to cars. It will establish and develop a network of city stakeholders for Clean Bus Deployment and aims to foster exchange of knowledge and expertise among advanced and less advanced cities. APOLLO-EU will support capacity building and ensures that the technical, procedural and operational know-how on clean bus deployment is effectively and widely transferred beyond the circle of cities that can be considered front-runners in Europe. Lessons learnt from previous and current European key research projects like ZeEUS, ASSURED, JIVE, EBSF_2, and ELIPTIC will be systematically assessed and shared to show the wide array of existing solutions related to clean bus technologies.


Results will be published soon - stay tuned

Role of Rupprecht Consult

For this project, we will support the development of a Clean Bus Deployment platform and toolbox which will comprise e-bus planning and simulation tools, lessons learnt from previous e-bus projects as well as guidance materials for city and public transport practitioners, thus ensuring capacity sharing and wide adoption of clean bus deployment in Europe. As part of this, the E-Bus Support Tool stemming from the ELIPTIC project will be further developed and its database enriched in order to create a central repository of clean bus information.

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