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The Alps are a sensitive ecosystem to be protected from pollutant emissions & climate change. Continued growth in freight traffic volume leads to environmental problems. These trends reinforce the need to review existing transport & develop innovative models to protect the Alpine Space (AS) as set out eg. in the EU (White Paper 2011). EUSALP set the aim to strengthen ecological transport & establish more efficient freight transport corridors. But often the efficiency of Combined Transport (CT) is low. Therefore, the project Alpine Innovation for Combined Transport (AlpInnoCT) tackles the main challenge to raise CT efficiency & productivity. The application of production industry knowhow (which is ideal to improve processes) in CT is a new approach which includes an analysis of existing strategies, policies & processes focusing on CT, thus, AlpInnoCT contributes to a sustainable system with an easier access to CT & fosters the utilization of this low-carbon transport method.

Logistics service providers will benefit from improved processes & an easier CT access. Wagon & semitrailer producers obtain insights into CT innovations. NGOs & institutions get a dialogue platform to state their interests and awareness about CT innovations. Politicians & decision makers will be better prepared to set the future CT framework with regards to environment. As transport happens in an AS network, the project contents are developed in a unique transnational public-private partnership.


Project details

Duration 11/2016 – 10/2019


Coordinator OBB - Supreme Building Authority of the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, Building and Transport

Project goal

The main Objectives of AlpInnoCT are:

  • Improvement of processes and cooperation in CT networks
  • Integration of innovative approaches fostering modal shift from road to rail
  • Enhancement of knowledge and reinforcement of participation possibilities for each stakeholder in freight transport


The main result of AlpInnoCT is a more efficient Alpine freight transport with focus on CT. This means CT processes will be organised more efficiently, productive (benchmark are industrial processes) and are coordinated on international level. By an enhanced cooperation between stakeholders and specific information for them, the awareness, access and use of this
low-carbon transport method will be raised significantly. Finally, considerable freight volumes will be shifted to rail.

The approach leads to following outputs:

1. Description of the state of the art of the European transport system with focus on CT

2. Recommendations for an ideal CT-model concept by transfer of production industry knowhow

3. Guideline for the integration of innovative intermodal approaches into daily CT business

4. Alpine wide dialogue platform as information exchange involving economy, political authorities and civil society

5. Toolbox of Action (Handbook)

Role of Rupprecht Consult

Rupprecht Consult supports the Lead partner in Work Package Communication.

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Wolfgang Backhaus
+49 221 6060 55 19

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