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ALBUS – Autonomous LineBuses for the Region Hannover 


ALBUS will integrate three fully automated electric buses (Level 4) into the public transportation system of the Hannover region. The introduction of the bus lines is supported by accompanying studies and the participation of the public. 



Project details

Duration 01/03/2023-31/12/2025

Coordinator Region Hannover

Project goal

ALBUS aims to integrate three fully automated electric buses (Level 4) for ongoing use in the regular public transportation system of the Hannover region. The project explores and evaluates societal acceptance, impacts on traffic and the environment, and technical integration through accompanying studies and communications efforts. These insights are intended both to ensure successful operations in Hannover and to serve as an example for future projects in Germany and beyond. 

The project commences with a testing phase involving an automated bus (50 passengers) on line 906 in Burgdorf over 10 months. Subsequently, there will be a scaling up to a total of three L4 autonomous buses operating regularly on established routes. These buses will be integrated into the transportation infrastructure and included in the regional fare system. Citizens play a pivotal role in this process, with input from a test group and local stakeholders being incorporated into the process. A comprehensive guide will also be developed, serving as a foundation for the integration of autonomous buses into public transportation. Through this innovative and scalable approach, ALBUS aims to enhance mobility in Hannover and to inspire similar developments throughout Germany. 


Through active public engagement and scientific studies, the project aims to gain valuable insights into societal acceptance, environmental impact, and the technical integration of autonomous buses. The expected results include the successful operation of three Level 4 autonomous electric buses in regular public transportation, providing a scalable model for similar ventures in Germany.  


Role of Rupprecht Consult

Rupprecht Consult‘s tasks include gathering public views on autonomous public transportation through surveys, establishing and moderating a local stakeholder group, and actively involving citizens in project development. Rupprecht Consult is also responsible for developing a guide to overcoming approval-related challenges for the integration of autonomous vehicles in public transportation. 

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