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The Kick-Off Meeting in Bielefeld officially started the new ReVeAL project

With representatives from all six pilot cities and various consortium members, the new ReVeAL project (Regulating Vehicle Access for improves Liveability) was officially kicked-off in the pilot city Bielefeld. Over two days, important work packages were discussed and the cities had the opportunity to present and discuss their plans about the implementation of UVARs (Urban Vehicle Access Regulations) in the framework of ReVeAL.

As Rupprecht Consult is the pilot coordinator for the cities of Bielefeld and Jerusalem it was especially interesting to hear more about their plans. Bielefeld is already working on the redesign of an important mobility hub and place of the city, the Jahnplatz, to make it more pedestrian- and bike-friendly, while Jerusalem follows a step-by-step approach to restrict access for vehicles to the city center and create a low-emission-zone. But also, Padova, Vitoria-Gasteiz, the City of London and Helmond have ambitious plans about regulating vehicle access through the implementation of smart technologies, Superblocks or Zero-Emission-Zones.

The highlight of the meeting was a site visit to the Jahnplatz in Bielefeld, where the whole consortium could visit the place of action for improving the quality of life in Bielefeld.

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