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We’re hiring two new Project Managers! See for yourself what our colleagues think makes RC a great place to work!


We are looking for a Project Manager for transport and mobility planning:

Then have a look here to see this great opportunity:Work with us | Rupprecht Consult (

We are looking for a Project Manager for mobility innovation

  • You have a degree in Transport and or urbanplanning , Transport economics, (Economic) GeographyCivil and Environmental Engineering, or similar?
  • You have at least 3 years of experience in the cooperation of complex mobility and multistakeholder projects involving actors from the private and public sectors?
  • You have experience in projectmanagement and coordination of complex mobility projects and innovation processes?
  • You have at least 2 years of experience in publictransport and/ or (shared) mobility innovation and cooperation with city administration, decision-makers, and institutional bodies?
  • You have expertise in the fields of technology-based and sharedmobility e.g. ondemand transport, electricmobility, multi-modal transport, cooperative connected and automated mobility (CCAM), C-ITS and/ or data-based mobility services?
  • You are passionate about technological developments in the transport sector and developing strategies for their use and integration for publicauthoritiestransportoperators and mobility serviceproviders?
  • You speak German and English?

Then have a look here to see this great opportunity: Work with us | Rupprecht Consult (

The images were created by our staff at the last retreat.