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Webinar: Active mobility consultancy in eight European rural regions on January 25, at 2:00 CET


Example of a successful campaign in the Liszki District near Kraków.

Join us for a webinar on Jan 25, 2016 from 2:00 to 3:00 PM CET. Is your (rural) region also affected by declining public transport ridership? Would you like to hear about a marketing approach that can help you to reverse this trend? Active Mobility Consulting (AMC) is a promising instrument to help better inform people about public transport services and make them a more attractive option. Public transport in rural areas is confronted with major challenges. These typically include: out-migration, especially by younger people and, consequently, an ageing society and falling numbers of pupils using public transport. In addition, the public transport service is often not so attractive in these regions due to low service frequencies. Subjective barriers such as lack of knowledge about existing timetables and services have a further inhibitory effect on the use of public transport. The aim of the EU project SmartMove is to overcome these barriers and attract people to use public transport by creating two-way dialogue with the residents of rural areas. Within the project the AMC approach has been applied in eight European regions (as example the regions Euskirchen (next to Cologne), Germany; Wachau-Waldviertel, Austria and Langadas, Greece). We would like to invite interested people, especially from rural municipalities and public transport operators to this webinar to learn more about the AMC approach and the successful case study from the Liszki District near Kraków. Presenters:Dr Oliver Roider, Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Natural Resources and Life SciencesDr Katarzyna Nosal, University of Technology of Kraków Register now!<link https: register> The webinar is free to attend; you just need a computer, an internet connection and a headset! If you want to more about the SmartMove project, please follow the link:<link http:>

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