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Walk21 2013 Munich: TIDE 'Walkshop'


Transferring Walking Innovation in the European Context

Is a good idea good anywhere? Transferring innovation from one context to another is not always easy. The EU TIDE (Transport Innovation Deployment for Europe) project brings together a panel of experts to talk about how cities can systematically learn from one another's experience and how creating links between cities and "higher up" bodies can make walking relevant at the European level. The following speakers will contribute to the walkshop: - Siegfried Rupprecht, Moderator (Germany, Cologne, Rupprecht Consult) - Bernard Gyergyay (Germany, Cologne, Rupprecht Consult) - Hans-Jürgen Zahorka (Germany, Team EUROPE - EU Commission/DG Communication) - Daniel Sauter (Switzerland, Zürich, Urban Mobility Research) - Fermín Echarte Peña (Spain, Municipality of Donostia - San Sebastián) Walk21 participants can attend this interactive walkshop on Wednesday 11th September 16:00 - 17:30 at the Mobility & Transport Centre of the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany. For further information you can visit:

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