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Videos introducing the new SUMP Guidelines


Four videos about our new SUMP Guidelines have been recently released on Eltis, the European Urban Mobility Observatory.

Next to Matthew Baldwin (Deputy Director-General responsible for Mobility and Transport, DG MOVE), you can hear our very own Siegfried Rupprecht (Executive Director of Rupprecht Consult) explain the rationale behind the SUMP Guideline revisions. Also the authors of some of the seventeen new topic guides and practitioner briefings get the chance to describe why the new thematic guides are an essential addition to the guidelines.
  1. Introducing the Revised SUMP Guidelines: <link https: resources videos introducing-revised-sump-guidelines-video>
  2. The eight SUMP principles <link https: resources videos>
  3. Extending the SUMP Guidelines to include a range of topics: <link https: resources videos extending-sump-guidelines-include-range-topics>
  4. Who can use the Guidelines? <link https: resources videos who-can-use-guidelines>
If that made you curious to see the document itself, you can download the second edition of the SUMP Guidelines below or under: <link https: mobility-plans sump-guidelines>

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[1] SUMP Guidelines 2nd Edition

Introducing the Revised SUMP Guidelines