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TROLLEY launches European Trolleybus Knowledge Centre and 1st eLearning module

TROLLEY is all about knowledge exchange, competence building and competence sharing on trolleybuses. Therefore, TROLLEY has developed an eLearning module and the European Trolleybus Knowledge Centre to further contribute to promoting the trolleybus as a smart, clean and green urban transport solution. The eLearning module about trolleybus basics aims at trolleybus novices and can be accessed via the project’s website (registration window). The module enables users to learn quickly and conveniently all about trolleybus basics regardless of distance and time. The module is available in English but designed in a way that also those not speaking English fluently can take part. Two more modules (about energy storage systems for trolleybuses and the take-up of trolleybus systems) are expected for the end of 2012. The three modules will build up a full trolleybus eLearning course. Furthermore, TROLLEY established a European Trolleybus Knowledge Centre. It shall serve as main European information hub on trolleybuses providing contacts to European trolleybus experts (pool of experts) and the most relevant links and documents (library) to all those, who wish to learn more about trolleybus systems. Additionally, the Knowledge Center contains a Trolleybus Wiki section, which includes technical information about key elements of trolleybus systems. Users can add or edit information. The TROLLEY Knowledge Center is integrated into the website of the TROLLEY communication partner trolley:motion – an international action group to promote e-bus systems with zero emissions – and is accessible via <link http: _blank>

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