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Training workshop on strategic communication and life after the end of CIVITAS-ELAN


During the 15th ELAN project meeting that was held in Graz from 24-26 January 2012 a training workshop was held on strategic communication and life after the end of the ELAN project to which ELAN invited three representatives from previous CIVITAS projects.

The training workshop brought together all five ELAN cities to discuss and share their plans for the life and continuation of project activities when the ELAN has ended. Many ideas were exchanged and the cities were inspired by some of the ideas and plans from the other cities.  Three experts from previous CIVITAS cities were invited and presented their experiences after the funding of CIVITAS came to an end and how CIVITAS sustained in their cities: José María Diez, City of Burgos (Site Dissemination Manager CIVITAS-CARAVEL), Tomasz Zwoliński, City of Krakow (Site Coordinator CIVITAS-CARAVEL) and Gerhard Ablasser, City of Graz (Site Coordinator and Site Dissemination Manager, CIVITAS-TRENDSETTER.  Other issues discussed were how to sustain knowledge that has been generated within ELAN, how to secure sufficient financial means for the strategic communication activities and the continuation of ELAN measures, how to overcome institutional barriers that might exist, and the plans for up-scaling of ELAN measures.

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