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Traffic Snake Zora Zisch at “Day of Good Life” in Cologne


The first car-free day in Cologne-Sülz was an overwhelming success and Traffic Snake Zora Zisch was part of it

Cologne’s district Sülz experienced its first car-free day on Sunday, 31 May 2015 under the motto “Day of Good Life”. Declared as the largest urban experimental site in Germany, the 1.5 hectare area served as a place for more than 200 neighbourhood activities, initiatives, creative workshops, exhibitions, theatre plays and many more events to promote and support more sustainable and caring lifestyles. Also Traffic Snake Zora Zisch participated in the event and invited children and their parents to draw Germany’s longest and most colourful traffic snake, and to take part in school route mapping exercises to identify active and safe routes to schools in the district. The activities were a great success and the traffic snake game team would like to thank the artists for all their creative snakes! The EU co-funded project Traffic Snake Game Network aims to establish an effective EU-wide and long-term support network to replicate, transfer and expand the uptake of the Traffic Snake Game as a successful proven tool for changing the travel behaviour of primary school children (age 6-12) and their parents. Rupprecht Consult is the network’s National Focal Point for Germany and responsible for promoting and implementing the Traffic Snake Game in German primary schools. For further information, please visit:Day of Good Life: <link http: suelz> Photos of the Zora Zisch stall: <link https: verkehrsschlange.deutschland> Photos of Day of Good Life (Agora Köln):<link https: photos sets>

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