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TIDE project wins 2015 EPOMM award for comprehensive policy exchange on bicycle parking strategies


The policy exchange between the cities of Groningen and Donostia/San Sebastian has earned the TIDE project first place in EPOMM’s 2015 Best International Policy Transfer Award.

EPOMM, the European Platform on Mobility Management, awarded the TIDE project first place in the <link http: _blank best international policy transfer>2015 Best International Policy Transfer Award based on the successful policy exchange on bicycle parking strategies carried out between the cities of Groningen and Donostia – San Sebastian. Thanks to the <link http: en results tide-transferability-handbook _blank transferability>TIDE transferability methodology, Donostia – San Sebastian, TIDE’s leading city on non-motorised transport, was able to greatly improve its bicycle parking strategy through a comprehensive knowledge exchange with the city of Groningen, which was identified through the project as a good practice example.
The two cities met and had a training session on the issue of bicycle parking. After that, Donostia – San Sebastian started working on the improvement and development of its parking facilities for bicycles based on their exchange and discussions with Groningen. While Donostia – San Sebastian mainly focused on bicycle parking, in parallel a public e-bike sharing scheme was implemented, which has further reinforced their cycling-promoting policies.
Several stakeholders were directly involved in its implementation: the municipality, associations of users, as well as marketing and publicity agencies. The bicycle parking facilities have been hugely improved and the results are quiet visible. Before the launch of the TIDE project, Donostia – San Sebastian had about 6,000 surface bicycle parking spaces and only one underground parking facility with 150 spaces. By the end of 2015, 340 underground parking spaces will be available. The cycling modal share has also increased from 3% to 4.5%, while walking has improved from 40% to 49%.
Non-motorised transport is one of TIDE’s five thematic clusters, each of which focuses on three innovative measures. The mission of TIDE is to enhance the broad transfer and take-up of innovative urban transport and mobility measures throughout Europe and to make a visible contribution to establish them as mainstream measures.

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