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TIDE: Innovative ideas and how to take advantage of them - Workshop Stuttgart


An interactive workshop on innovative transport ideas measures and how to transfer them

On 12 and 13 November over 50 cities from 20 countries from across Europe came together in Stuttgart to participate in the first TIDE workshop "Innovative ideas and how to take advantage of them”. The workshop was hosted by TIDE cluster support partner for Electric Mobility, Fraunhofer Institute, and welcomed the newly selected Circle of Innovative Cities plus Lead and Champion Cities.In the first of a series of three TIDE workshops, participants exchanged knowledge and experience on TIDE’s five thematic areas. The TIDE methodology for Systematic Transfer and Impact Assessment were also presented and extensively discussed. The workshop also included cluster specific break-out sessions and site visits such as a walking audit tour of public spaces in Stuttgart, a tour of Fraunhofer’s Mobility Innovation Lab and Stuttgart’s regional public transport organisation.You can access the presentations on the TIDE website: <link http: en news innovative-ideas-and-how-to-take-advantage-of-them-workshop-stuttgart> second TIDE workshop titled "Making Innovation Reality, a First-Hand View” will take place in Spring 2014. Specific dates and locations will be confirmed in the near future.

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