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SUMPs-Up at the CIVITAS Forum 2017


The SUMPs-Up team was out in full force at the CIVITAS Forum 2017. As well as having their own stand in the SUMP corner, they hosted a session on tools for data gathering, appraisal, and simulation and organised a World Cafe session on the administrative barriers to SUMP development.

The practitioners session saw almost one hundred participants getting to know four tools in detail, all of which were selected from the new CIVITAS Tool Inventory. The Tool Inventory was created together with CIVITAS SATELLITE and was also presented during the session. Following the presentation, participants broke off into four groups to receive a demonstration of and to discuss the utility of the tools that they had in front of them.SUMPs-Up also organises a World Cafe session on the administrative barriers to SUMP development together with CIVITAS PROSPERITY. This session saw representatives of cities from three countries with low SUMP take-up - Bulgaria, Hungary, and Greece - describing their experiences of working in challenging governance systems. A key lesson was that finding ways to align and meet the interests of the different districts within a city is vitally important.You can find the presentations from our sessions, together with all other conference presentations here:

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SUMPs-Up team at the Forum stand