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SUMP Guidelines available now

30.09.2011 Rupprecht Consult

The European Commission's Action Plan on Urban Mobility calls for an increase in the take-up of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in Europe. To meet this need, new SUMP Guidelines have been produced within the Eltisplus SUMP project. The document explains how to develop and implement a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan.

Rupprecht Consult is lead author of the document (<link http: _blank>download here), which incorporates many contributions from European SUMP experts and project partners. The Guidelines explain the essential steps involved in developing such Plans. They include good practice examples, tools and references to illustrate each step and help you apply the Guidelines. The document is aimed at practitioners in urban transport and mobility as well as other stakeholders who would be involved in the preparation and implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. The Guidelines are a currently an advanced working document. They will be further fine-tuned by building on the experiences and knowledge gained at training events held all over Europe in 2011/12. The final version of the Guidelines will be made available on <link http: index.php _blank> by the end of the project in May 2013.

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