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Stakeholder consultation workshop for the RAIM project took place online


The first RAIM stakeholder consultation workshop took place online with thirteen participants from all over Germany. Potential users of RAIM were introduced to the concept and feedback on the methodology was collected.

Mobility service offers that require the participation and data of more than one actor often suffer from a lack of coordination and cooperation mechanisms. RAIM (= “Framework for architectures of smart mobility services”) is a concept to implement smart mobility services with multiple actors in a structured, efficient and effective way.On the 1st of July, the first RAIM stakeholder consultation workshop took place. The main goal for the workshop was to introduce potential users of RAIM to the concept and gather feedback on the methodology.
Thirteen participants from all over Germany gathered for a three-hour online event. The participants were representatives of city administrations, mobility and service providers, public transport operators, associations and researchers and, thereby, typical  actors in smart mobility services.
The workshop was the first event with potential users of RAIM. The project partners introduced RAIM – how it looks, how it works. For a better understanding of the theoretic approach RAIM takes, a scenario was presented in which it could be applied. Together with the workshop participants a digital service around a mobility hub with different mobility providers was conceptualised and developed.
The participants were divided into three break-out groups to jointly develop the relevant building blocks of the RAIM-process in the given scenario. One group worked on the governance structure to show the needed (contractual) agreements between different parties. Another group developed a process in the service, especially to find the interfaces where data is transmitted from one actor to another. The third group drafted the value chain of the mobility service.
The project partners were able to collect valuable feedback and results from the participants. These are crucial for the next phase of the project, in which RAIM will be further developed to improve the ease of use, the effectiveness of dissemination and marketing strategies.
Furthermore, the project partners are looking for beta-testers for RAIM and the tool that will be developed later in the project. The aim is to make RAIM as user-friendly as possible. Learn more about RAIM on the <link https: external-link-new-window external link in new>project's website and get in touch with us to become a beta-tester <link mail window for sending>here.

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