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SmartMove 2nd Training Seminar in Lutherstadt-Wittenberg, Germany

On 9th and 10th October 2014, the consortium of the SmartMove project gathered in Lutherstadt-Wittenberg, Germany for the 2nd Training Seminar and 2nd project meeting. This was the second of a series of five Training Seminars to be arranged by Rupprecht Consult. The first Training Seminar took place in Burgos, Spain end of June 2014. More information <link whats-new news-detail news smartmove-training-seminar-in-burgos.html _blank>here.The main goal of the 2nd seminar was to identifying a common approach and setting up an implementation plan. Therefore various presentations were held and proactive workshops were organized on progressing and refining the Implementation Plan. This seminar has served also to support the further development of the Active Mobility consultancy approach in WP3 (Fundamental advancement of the existing AMC-approach). Based on the findings of the initial seminar, it was elaborated on how the specific pre-conditions and experiences from previous AMC Campaigns can lead into a common and comparable approach, benefitting from the experience of partners in the consortium have.A kind of World Café provided the opportunity to discuss the use of active measures within the implementation plan. The implementing partners can choose between 18 active measures for their local campaigns. This could be a "Citizen audits", a "personal mobility Assistant for the elderly", "Traveler training", "public transport try-out activities" and many more.In a so-called “Kollektive Kaffee- & Kuchen-Kampagne (based on the “walk-and-talk” idea), the implementing partners had the possibility to discuss their current status of the implementation plans with the other partners.Patrick Dentzer from DispoTec was invited as a guest speaker to give a presentation on the local Public Transport System and the Dial-a-Bus System in Wittenberg. The system is unique in Germany because the departure times are not linked to a fixed timetable. More information availabe under: <link https: _blank> (in German only).

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