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Second edition of SUMP Guidelines released at CIVITAS Forum


We are proud to present the second edition of the European Guidelines for Developing and Implementing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. The release of the document featured strongly at the CIVITAS Forum last week, including a high-level handover by the European Commission in the opening plenary, a keynote presentation by main author Rupprecht Consult, and a dedicated session. The Guidelines can now be downloaded on our website and on Eltis:

The release of the SUMP Guidelines had a strong presence at the CIVITAS Forum 2019, which gathered over 600 urban mobility practitioners from all over Europe. The official European Guidelines were unveiled in a high-level handover from Siegfried Rupprecht and Matthew Baldwin (Deputy Director of DG MOVE, European Commission) to Siegfried Nagl (Mayor of host city Graz) in the opening plenary. This was followed by a keynote presentation by Rupprecht Consult's Susanne Böhler, Lasse Brand and Lisa Marie Brunner. In the form of an interactive interview, the three authors highlighted the most interesting new elements of the document, such as the new 12-step SUMP cycle, over 60 city case studies and well-structured guidance for horizontal topics such as citizen participation. For those that wanted to know even more details, an entire session dedicated to the Guidelines followed, where Siegfried Rupprecht explained the new SUMP cycle step-by-step, complemented by presentations of four forerunner cities. The publication of the second edition of the European SUMP Guidelines marks an important milestone in the take-up of new planning approaches in Europe. This comprehensive revision integrates the dynamic developments in many areas of urban mobility and the rich experience of implementing the concept of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning since 2013. The revised guidelines are the result of an extraordinary co-creation process with over 300 people involved in the past 1.5 years. The process was coordinated by main authors Rupprecht Consult and accompanied by a special Editorial Board, which includes DG MOVE, the CIVITAS SUMP projects, Eltis, INEA, DG REGIO, JASPERS, and leading mobility researchers. The document has been developed and validated in close cooperation with the SUMP community. Starting with a large survey and dedicated session at the SUMP Conference 2018, a number of workshops with practitioners and other experts from all over Europe have taken place. By involving several major city networks closely in the update, special care was taken to include feedback from all types of cities and regions. The Guidelines are now available on our website and on Eltis – the European urban mobility observatory: <link https: mobility-plans sump-guidelines external-link-new-window external link in new> They set a new standard, serving as a reference for practitioners involved in the development and implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. We are positive that they will help many cities in Europe and beyond to advance their urban mobility planning in the next years!<link https: hashtag>

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