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Rupprecht Consult presents SUMP concept at the new mobility conference in Leipzig, Germany, on 22-24 October 2012


The concept of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) will be promoted as a new way of urban mobility planning at the new mobility conference in Leipzig.

This year’s new mobility conference will – for the first time – take place in the context of the EUREGIA – Europe’s leading local and regional development conference. Urban mobility stakeholders from all over the continent will gather in Leipzig to learn and discuss about the latest urban mobility approaches. Rupprecht Consult will have a key role in explaining and promoting the SUMP concept in Leipzig. Frank Wefering will present the concept of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (nachhaltige urbane Mobilitätspläne) during the thematic congress on 23 October in German. On the following day, 24 October (9:30 -12:30), Frank Wefering and Sebastian Bührmann will moderate an SUMP workshop for the English-speaking audience. Speakers will include representatives from the European Commission, the European city network POLIS and the SUMP-experienced cities of Dresden, Germany, and Gdynia, Poland.

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