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Rupprecht Consult presenting at the AMUS and ACMOTE Conference in Aachen

17.09.2012 Bernd Decker
At the first Aachen Conference on Mobility and Transport (ACMOTE) and the 13th Aachen Congress on Mobility and the City (AMUS) on 14th September 2012, Rupprecht Consult together with the City of Aachen presented "Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in Europe" and its application in Aachen. The Conference, organised by the Technical University of Aachen, addressed the future shaping of mobility in cities and scientists, practitioners, researchers and developers discussed a variety of themes related to mobility and transport. ACMOTE forms an ideal platform for interdisciplinary exchange between transport and urban planners, traffic management, transport related information technology, road and rail transport engineering and decision makers from the political and administrative level.The presentation and discussion on SUMPs in Europe confirmed that there is growing need for exchanging between different disciplines and promoting a multi-stakeholder approach for advancing a new mobility planning paradigm. Integration, participation and evaluation are key to resolve tomorrow's mobility needs and strategic planning is an appropriate tool to achieve this. Further information can be found under (in German)

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