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RC presented SUMP concept at UITP meeting

Rupprecht Consult cooperates with the "Transport and Urban Life" Commission of UITP in the preparation of a UITP Focus Paper on sustainable urban mobilty planning

UITP's "Transport and Urban Life" Commission held its 102nd meeting from 12 to 14 September in Montpellier, France. A major agenda item concerned "sustainable urban mobility plans". Michael C. Laubenheimer from Rupprecht Consult presented the SUMP concept and methods currently being developed within the Eltisplus project (<link http:> Speakers from Montpellier, Birmingham and Madrid presented the corresponding mobility plans. All members of the TUL Commission agreed that urban planning and public transport need to be integrated into an overall mobility planning for the functional city. The members decided to draft a Focus Paper for the next UITP Policy Board meeting on 25 October, the final version will be published at the 60th UITP World Congress (26-30 May 2013) in Geneva. Rupprecht Consult will actively participate in the preparation of this Focus Paper.

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[1] SUMP Presentation at UITP TUL Commission meeting