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PARAMOUNT project successfully finished


The PARAMOUNT project was aimed at the diffusion of knowledge on European effective and sustainable urban transport solutions gained while paying particular attention to the local level.

In April 2010 Rupprecht Consult successfully finished the PARAMOUNT project. Under the overall coordination of Rupprecht Consult, partner organisations and institutions from Europe, Russia, Asia and Latin America implemented a number of concrete activities with the aim to develop cleaner, resource-efficient urban transport systems for achieving more sustainable urban mobility. Major outputs of WP8 are:
  • Prioritisation workshops in Russia, Asia and China for the development of priority actions in sustainable urban transport;
  • European study tour for urban transport professionals from Asia, China and Latin America involving sites in Germany and Lithuania;
  • Participation of high-level representatives and decision makers from Asia, China and Latin America in the CIVITAS Fora 2006 (Burgos), 2007 (Kaunas), 2008 (Bologna) and 2009 (Krakow);
  • Organisation and/or active participation in high-level international workshops or conferences in Indonesia/Yogyakarta, Lithuania/Kaunas, Russia/Moscow and St. Petersburg, Philippines/Cebu, Thailand/Bangkok, China/Beijing, Mexico/Mexico City, and Delhi/India;
  • Translation and submission of ELTIS case studies into Chinese and Russian and provision of urban transport case studies from China and Russia to ELTIS.
Lessons PARAMOUNT activities had a high leverage effect by organising and well targeting specific events and initiatives with the involvement of well-connected organisations and multipliers. International transport professionals recognised the Europe’s leading role in implementing innovative transport measures. The CIVITAS Initiative played a central role for expert exchange on implemented measures. Particularly Chinese Government officials took actively part in the fora which helped to shape the institutional reform towards the competencies in urban transport in China. The exchange with the Clean Air initiative in Asia and Latin America lead to concrete steps for further cooperation with, for example, the ASEAN transport officials or the initiators of the Latin-American Sustainable Transport and Air Quality programme (STAQ). Recommendations PARAMOUNT demonstrated the need for a comprehensive approach to tackle urban mobility issues. A wide cooperation platform is deemed necessary for exchanging experiences at the regional and global levels. Based on citizens engagement and stakeholder involvement, combined with sound planning and management practices, external support can easily complement existing funding schemes.

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