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New video on the effects of COVID-19 on SUMP online


In the context of the Euroclima+ project we have interviewed our colleague Susanne on the effects that the global pandemic has had (and is still having) on sustainable urban mobility planning worldwide.

At the beginning of the year, corona rolled over the whole world and impacted almost every aspect of our lives and communities significantly. It did not spare urban transport where it even caused tremendous decreases of passenger numbers and major losses for operators on the one hand... but it gave way for rapid changes with remarkable benefits for growth in active public mobility on the other. Local governments had to take quick decisions based on facts that were constantly changing. As there was just no time to generate large administrative processes, many initiatives where implemented on the go. While bus and metro operators had to cope with less demand but high added costs for sanitation and other methods to increase safety in their vehicles, road space for walking and cycling was increased and widely used. 

The force with which the pandemic affected the world surely created challenges for cities that will be difficult to recover. But, from an optimistic standpoint, we learned that cities actually can react promptly, that disruptive events can enable radical changes to urban mobility and that some of those changes might have a positive effect on the way we move safely and sustainably around our living spaces.

<link https: external-link-new-window external link in new>View our comprehensive video on the topic here and feel free to share it within your network!

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Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video