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New CIVITAS SUMPs-Up report guides cities through SUMP action plan development


CIVITAS SUMPs-Up has launched a new report entitled “Standards for Developing a SUMP Action Plan”. It provides city planners with guidance on what to include in their action plans in terms of responsibilities, resources, stakeholder coordination, time plans, and funding sources.

Alongside this, it contains good examples of action plan documents and templates, alongside a user manual. In addition, it breaks down the development of a SUMP Action Plan into an easy-to-understand six-step process, with the final stage of this an implementation plan. Having completed the six-step process, cities will be well-placed to start measure implementation. In this way, the report complements the recent <link http: manuals>SUMPs-Up manuals focusing on SUMP measure selection by providing city planners with a detailed outline on how to apply the measures they choose. In order to ensure its relevance to all cities, the report also takes into account different levels of SUMP development experience and degrees of maturity of cities across Europe. Read and download the attached report or visit the <link http: reports>SUMPs-Up website.

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[1] SUMPs-Up - Standards for Developing a SUMP Action Plan