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NAPCORE’s first Mobility Data Days event draws data experts to Paris


On November 3-4, NAPCORE held its first Mobility Data Days conference, bringing together 200 delegates from 24 countries, focussed on data collection, storage, and exchange.

Sessions, which often took the form of interactive workshops, covered topics including data standardisation and accessibility, safety-related traffic information (SRTI) and data for road safety (DFRS), the revised RTTI (Real Time Traffic Information) delegated regulation, parking data, and harmonisation of C-ITS across Europe.

Coordinated by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt - Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen), with a Project Secretariat headed by Rupprecht Consult and five dedicated Working Groups, the NAPCORE project will plan and coordinate data collection initiatives, design and develop common tools related to data accessibility and exchange, and harmonise assessment of compliance. The goal is to set up a long-term governance structure to facilitate national and European wide operational co-ordination for the implementation of the European specifications.

Mobility Data Days will be an annual event during the course of NAPCORE. Stay up-to-date on NAPCORE activities by checking the NAPCORE website (LINK:

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